Faculty Development

Welcome to the Faculty Development Web Page.

BCOM provides faculty development resources to all teaching faculty, both on campus and in the clinical setting. All faculty members in the Las Cruces area are encouraged to attend weekly sessions on campus. For faculty in our hubs, we provide online resources and on-site faculty development as available.

We currently offer two types of on-campus sessions:

Faculty Academy of Medical Educators (FAME)

FAME sessions are discussions on topics related to medical education. Most FAME sessions focus on an assigned reading and are facilitated by faculty members. FAME sessions are generally not video-recorded, but presentation resources are archived.

Topical Faculty Development Sessions 

Topical sessions occur about once per month and address issues relevant to faculty in the BCOM community. These include presentations by local and invited speakers related to teaching, service, research, wellness and other topics of interest to faculty. Topical sessions are generally video-recorded.

Faculty Development Resources

Faculty development resources are housed in the LEO learning management system and include:

  • Calendar of events
  • Session materials (readings, presentation files, videos)
  • Resources on teaching and other topics relevant to medical education

Any member of the BCOM community with a current faculty appointment can access LEO by clicking here.

If your faculty appointment is as a preceptor or resident, and you do not yet have access to BCOM electronic resources including LEO, please follow the instructions found here to activate your account.

Please contact Jennifer Eastwood, Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs (jeastwood@bcomnm.org) with any questions or comments.

Jennifer Eastwood, PhD
Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs
Email: jeastwood@bcomnm.org