Welcome to the Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology

Miriam Donohue, PhD
Chair of Anatomy and Cell Biology & Associate Professor of Anatomy
Phone: 575-674-2316
Email: mdonohue@bcomnm.org

Jennifer Eastwood, PhD
Associate Professor of Anatomy
Phone: 575-674-2344
Email: jeastwood@bcomnm.org


Cindy Funk, Phd
Professor of Anatomy
Phone: 575-674-2343
Email: cfunk@bcomnm.org


Jon Jackson
Associate Professor of Anatomy & Director of Gross Anatomy Lab
Phone: 575-674-2362
Email: jjackson@bcomnm.org

Robert Ketchum, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Phone: 575-674-2302
Email: rketchum@bcomnm.org

Nancy Minugh-Purvis, PhD
Professor of Anatomy
Phone: 575-674-2313
Email: nminugh@bcomnm.org

Steven Ontiveros, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Phone: 575-674-2331
Email: sontiveros@bcomnm.org

Kristopher Vaudrey
Instructor of Anatomy
Phone: 575-674-2323
Email: kvaudrey@bcomnm.org