BCOM Institutional Review Board Membership Roster 2018-19

Joseph N. Benoit, Ph.D. (Chair)
Director, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Professor of Physiology & Pathology

Rev. Jared Carson (non-affiliated community member)
Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, Las Cruces, NM

Sam Kadavakollu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

Richard Selinfreund, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physiology & Pathology

Martha Enriquez
Research Office Coordinator

Adela Lente, M.D. (Vice-Chair)
Associate Professor and Chair of Surgery

Leigh G. Cooper, RN, BSN, MS (non-affiliated member)
Quality Coordinator, MountainView Medical Center

Adrienne Kania, D.O.
Associate Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Justin McHorse, M.S. (non-scientist)
BCOM Chief of Staff

Michael Frederich, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Family and Community Medicine

Alternate Members

Robert J. Ketchum (alternate member)
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Clinical Education

LeAnn Jons-Cox, D.O. (alternate member)
Assistant Dean for Osteopathic Integration

Jennifer Eastwood, Ph.D. (alternate member)
Associate Professor of Anatomy