Clinical Education (Year 3 & Year 4)

Message from the Office of Clinical Education

The student begins with the patient, continues with the patient, and ends his studies with the patient, using books and lectures as tools, as means to an end.
      William Osler, 1903

Congratulations on completing the first two years of medical school! Now you are embarking on the next, and most exciting portion of your medical education, where you will incorporate the information you have learned in the classroom and laboratory into the care of patients. The clinical phase of the curriculum is the culmination of your medical school education.

Remember that patients are unique individuals and when given the opportunity, will tell you about who they are, where they come from, and how they have arrived at your service. Patients do not read our books and do not always know how to present themselves. What they do know is that they have health concerns and look to you, part of their health care team, to assist them.

You have been well trained while at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, and there is no doubt that you possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to make an excellent future Osteopathic Physician. Starting now, you will determine and refine your ability to be a compassionate, understanding Osteopathic Physician, benefiting both the individual patient and society.

The Office of Clinical Education is here to provide support and assistance throughout your clinical training. We look forward to working with you.


Adela Lente, MD
Associate Dean of Clinical Education & Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Surgery
Phone: 575-674-2317



Irina Zhorzholiani, MBA
Director of Clinical Education
Phone: 575-674-2350


Wendy Zuñiga
Lead Core Clerkship Coordinator
Phone: 575-674-2336


Aghaegbulam Uga, MD
Clerkship Director


Whitney Cano
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 575-674-2348


Taisiya Talipova
Fourth Year Coordinator
Phone: 575-674-2356


Olivia Tellez
Fourth Year Coordinator
Phone: 575-674-2358