Student Government Association Comments/Requests Form

The purpose of this form is to enable you to share comments or suggestions with members of your SGA. We realize that it is sometimes difficult to express comments or suggestions and we were hoping that offering the option of an anonymous online form would assist.  This form is not intended for venting, but to share legitimate requests, comments, or suggestions. We will ensure that each request/comment/suggestion is addressed and will follow up with appropriate persons by a personal e-mail if available. If the information concerns the entire student body, information will be sent through the weekly e-mail updates.

The College has a complaint/grievance process which allows for an informal administrative resolution or a formal investigation regarding violation(s) of the policies and/or procedures of the College.   
Please see the College’s Grievance Policy.  If you would like to file a complaint/grievance, please do so here:
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  • *(This form is confidential. If you leave your name, we will follow up with you directly. You can leave this blank, but anonymous requests will be addressed according to urgency).
  • Comments/Requests for Services through SGA

    Please be as detailed in this response as humanly possible.