AA.004.01 Request for Grade Review

AA.005.01 Curriculum Calendars

AA.006.01 Student Attendance and Attendance Records

AA.007.01 Determination of Credit Hours

AA.011.01 SPARK Procedures

Pre-Clinical Education

PCE.001.01 Course Grade Reporting Data Transfer

PCE.002.01 Excused Absence Requests

PCE.003.02 Panopto Video Posting

PCE.008.01 Assignment of Faculty Teaching

PCE.009.02 Honors Procedure

PCE.010.03 GPA Class Rank

PCE.012.01 Collaborative Exams

PCE.013.02 Course Evaluation Procedure

PCE.014.01 Course Grade Adjustment Procedures

PCE.015.01 Course Remediation Procedure Years 1 and 2

PCE.016.01 Make-up of Scored Activities

PCE.017.01 Post Exam Review Procedures

PCE.018.01 Quizzing Procedure

PCE.019.01 Test Question Vetting Process

PCE.020.02 Testing Center – After Exam Reporting

PCE.021.03 Testing Center – Assembling an Exam

PCE.022.01 Testing Center – Exam Day Procedures

PCE.023.01 Assignment of Course Directors

PCE.024.01 Record Retention_Graded Assessment Tools Archiving

PCE.026.01 Delivery of OSCEs

Clinical Education

CE.001.00 Business and Finance Travel Expense Reimbursement

CE.002.00 Student Reimbursements

CE.004.00 Preceptors: Preceptor Payments

CE.005.00 Hub Assignments

CE.006.00 Clinical Rotations: 3rd Year Rotations Schedule

CE.007.00 Clinical Rotations: Excused Absences

CE.008.00 COMAT

CE.009.00 Clinical Rotations: Remediation

CE.010.00 Affiliation Agreements

CE.011.00 4th Year Rotations: AAMC Implementation Letter

CE.012.00 4th Year Rotations: Emergency Medicine

CE.013.00 4th Year Rotations: Elective Rotations

CE.014.00 4th Year Rotations: VSLO Student Enrollment

CE.015.00 4th Year Rotations: myERAS Student Enrollment

CE.016.00 Clerkship Grading: Honors Designation

CE.017.00 COMLEX-USA Failure Notification Procedure

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