BCOM was established in 2013 with a mission to improve the health of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico by increasing the size and diversity of the physician workforce.  BCOM is student-centered, utilizing the latest technologies and learning methods to assure student and professional practice success in all fields of medicine, from primary care to deep subspecialty.  BCOM will be housed in a new state-of-the-art building incorporating large and small classrooms, a hybrid gross-virtual anatomy laboratory, OMM laboratory, medical library and a comprehensive simulation center, including high-fidelity mannequins in ICU/OR/ED/OB settings and standardized patient facility.  BCOM is led by highly experienced professionals from osteopathic, allopathic and general higher education.  Additionally, BCOM has developed a large network for clinical education, with centers in Las Cruces and Albuquerque, NM and El Paso, TX.  This includes a comprehensive selection of generalist and specialty clinical clerkships and residency opportunities.  Affiliated with New Mexico State University, BCOM’s students can enjoy the academic and student life benefits that come with a major public research university, including diverse biomedical, engineering and public health research opportunities, collegiate and intramural athletics, student clubs and organizations, housing, health services and meals.

What sets BCOM apart:

  • A philosophy of partnering with students to fulfill the college’s mission of improving healthcare para la gente y el futuro: for the people and the future.
  • A large clinical education network, including new residency programs in areas such as family medicine, internal medicine, psychiatry, anesthesiology, urology, surgery, emergency medicine, OB/GYN, OMM and sports medicine, to name but a few.
  • Clinical affiliations with large medical centers in Chihuahua, Mexico for students desiring elective experience south of the border, including clerkships and residency components.
  • A unique public-private partnership that maximizes the value of both governance models, while minimizing potential disadvantages.
  • A location in a beautiful, temperate and vibrant area of the US that is experiencing rapid economic growth