The General Scholarship Fund was established to award exemplary medical students financial aid at the discretion of the President, Dean, and Southwest Foundation for Osteopathic Education and Research (SWFOER). The General Scholarship Fund includes but is not limited to funds raised by the President’s Excellence Fund and the Student Excellence Fund. Please see below for the mission statement for both funds.  Students selected for award of scholarship may receive funds from the President’s Excellence Fund, Student Excellence Fund, and/or other various forms of fundraising.

President’s Excellence Fund

The President’s Excellence Fund has been established to further Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine’s mission to expand the reach of osteopathic education.

Student Excellence Fund

The Student Excellence Fund recognizes the work of exceptional students by providing scholarships to offset their education-related expenses (tuition, books, housing, etc.) as well as to provide financial assistance for various educational enrichment opportunities such as national conferences.


Name of Scholarship General Scholarship
Award per Year or per Student Limit At the discretion of the President/Dean/SWFOER
Eligibility Criteria Awardees determined at the discretion of the President/Dean/SWFOER

The student must be in good standing at the college

If you have any questions regarding the General Scholarship Fund please e-mail them to financialaid@bcomnm.org