Careers in Medicine Overview

The Careers in Medicine (CiM) career assessments are designed to assist in understanding yourself and in your specialty decision. They are crucial since they will assess different personality traits that can help in defining and in narrowing down your specialty preference.

Below you will find the link for each assessment. These assessments can be taken at any time and can be taken as many times as needed.


About Self-Assessments

Interests MSPI: This assessment will evaluate your interests.

Values PVIPS: This assessment will assess how important your medical career is you and the lifestyle you envision yourself in.

Skills PSI: This will assess and identify your strengths as a future physician.

Specialty Indecision Scale SIS: If you still feel undecided on your specialty of interest you may want to take this assessment.

Supplemental Resources

Gauging Competitiveness

Parallel Plan

Comparing Specialties