Advisory College Program

The Advisory College Program is a mentorship model designed to promote robust interaction between faculty and students at The Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. We have four (4) faculty led colleges which serve as a learning community where faculty advisors facilitate curricular and co-curricular activities.  The goal of the program is to assist in the development of medical students as they complete the degree program and later as future physicians.  Partnerships with College Advisors are longitudinal, lasting until graduation.

Each College collaborates with students on activities that promote professionalism, wellness and career development through a series of social activities, required one-one-one meetings, and structured group events such as community service projects.  Students are encouraged to request meetings and guidance from their College advisors at any time.

Cimarron River College
Debra Bramblett, PhD
Senior Advisor
Sheeba Tano, DO
Kris Vaudrey, MA
Scott Ochs, PhD
Gabor Szalai, PhD
Oliver Hayes, DO
Jennifer Eastwood, PhD
Erin Palazzolo, MLIS
Karen Vaillant, MD
Animas River College
Vanessa De La Rosa, PhD
Senior Advisor
Scot Martin, MD
Steven Ontiveros, PhD
Jon Jackson, PhD
Cindy Funk, PhD
Angelica Oviedo, MD
Daniel Dodson, DO
Anthony Levatino, MD
Gila River College
Mike Woods, PhD
Senior Advisor
David Osbourne, PhD
Adrienne Kania, DO
Norice Lee, MLIS
Preetpal Grewal, DO
Harald Stauss, MD
Robert Goldsteen, DO
Pecos River College
Kristin Gosselink, PhD
Senior Advisor
Muneer Assi, DO
Robert Ketchum, PhD
Victoria Chang, DO
Scott Cyrus, DO
Miriam Donohue, PhD
Joseph Benoit, PhD
Nancy Minugh-Purvis, PhD
Pedro Del Corral, PhD MD