Simulation Lab


The use of High Fidelity Simulation and Standardized Patient formats will enhance the patient encounter curriculum as well as utilizing High Fidelity Simulation will allow the student to encounter a multiple types of patient encounters. Students utilizing High Fidelity Simulation will be able to rehearse the clinical management skills needed to provide exceptional medical care to each patient, management of complex and crisis situational scenarios that simulate real life events. High Fidelity Simulation is able to provide participants with a safe learning environment to develop and enhance skills, to allow for mistakes to be made, correct those mistakes in real time and to learn from each event, without fear of compromising patient safety.

Our Standardized Patient (SP) Program will utilize live patient encounters will enhance the students ability to communicate and exam a live SP patient.
Simulation, associated with “Hands On” Skill manikins and Standardized Patients will prove to be positively associated with significant improved interpersonal communication skills at patient handover from one physician to another, and it has been proved to improve physician behavior in a wide variety of clinical contexts and personnel, associated with improved team performance in the management of each individual patient.


Jennifer Snider
SIM Technician
Phone: 575-674-2332