Office of Research Compliance and Protection

ORCP’s Mission
To protect all individuals involved in research, subjects and researchers alike;
To serve the community of researchers at BCOM and its affiliated institutions; and
To support and enhance the conduct of human subjects research at BCOM.

The Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine ensures the protection of human subjects in research through the College’s Office of Research Compliance and Protection (ORCP). The ORCP reviews and approves all research projects involving human subjects, and includes the support to assist faculty involved in human subjects research to prepare protocols for Investigation Review Board (IRB) review and approval.

The Office of Research Compliance & Protection is an administrative department that oversees human subjects’ protections through program oversight, education, policy setting, and outreach. The ORCP serves as a clearinghouse and repository for all research proposals and projects involving human subjects, and refers research protocol applications to the IRB of New Mexico State University for formal review and approval. ORCP provides administrative support to the NMSU IRB in the context of IRB applications from BCOM faculty, provides assistance to BCOM investigators who are preparing IRB applications, maintains records of IRB reviews and approvals for BCOM’s investigators, tracks progress reports and renewal requests, and ensures BCOM and BCOM faculty adhere to regulatory requirements.