Faculty Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the purpose of the Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship Program?

  • To provide research opportunities for medical students in Burrell College faculty-driven research and creative scholarship.

Do I need to fill out the application form?

  • YES!
  • Other requirements include an abstract, mentoring plan, and a budget.

How many projects may I submit?

  • A faculty member may submit up to two proposals. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs aims for equitable distribution of available program funds among the faculty who submit projects, and as such, faculty with multiple proposals may receive funding for only one project.
  • Unfunded projects will still be available to students, but the faculty will need to seek alternative sources of support.

How many students per project?

  • We are recommending that projects involve up to two students per project.
  • It is important that the exact role of each student in the project be defined.

How much is the project awarded?

  • Projects will be awarded $3,000 per student for a maximum of $6,000 per project that includes two students.

What are acceptable projects?

  • All project applications will be considered.
  • Priority will be given to those that are best aligned with providing research opportunities and mentoring of medical students, and those that help to expand Burrell College research infrastructure.

Are projects restricted to Burrell College?

  • Projects must be overseen by a Burrell College regular faculty member.
  • Funding is restricted to Burrell College research activities only.
  • If other institutions are associated, the majority of the work must occur at Burrell College.
  • If the bulk of the project will be executed at an external institution, justification must be provided as to how the project benefits Burrell College, and/or expands Burrell College research infrastructure.

What are allowable charges?

  • Please attach an itemized budget accounting for research-related costs that support and advance the research project. This may include consumables/expendables, various supplies, and general-purpose items as they directly relate to the project.  Awarded funds may be used for research-related costs only and are limited to items necessary to conduct the proposed project.  Reasonable travel costs are allowable (see below).
  • Travel:
    • Funds may be used for minor travel only where such travel is required to complete the project, and must be well justified. If travel is included in the budget, please provide detailed justification as to why the travel is necessary, how the travel will benefit the project, and how the completion of this project benefits Burrell College, and/or expands Burrell College research infrastructure.
    • Travel costs are limited to that allowed by the Burrell College travel policy guidelines.
    • Travel requires prior approval.
    • Requests must be submitted with proper justification.

Can funds be used for travel to a conference?

  • No, because the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has Student Travel Funds, and faculty have professional development funds available for travel. The intent of the summer research program funding is not to duplicate existing funding.