Human Resource Forms

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Direct Deposit Form Link
W-4 2021 Link
Personal Data Form Link
Revised Time Sheet Link
Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure – Staff Link
Conflict of Interest Form – Faculty Link
Conflict of Interest Management Plan Link
Request for Accommodation Link
FMLA Request Link
Request for Leave of Absence Link
Faculty Evaluation Form Link | PDF
Employee Performance Evaluation Form Link
Grievance Form Link
Greenshades Instructions Link
Tuition Reimbursement Request Form Link
Tuition Assistance Application Link
Incident Report Link
Workers’ Compensation Packet Link
Primary Telework Agreement Form Link
Temporary Telework Agreement Form Link
Sexual Harassment/Sexual Discrimination Request for Investigation Link
Sexual Violence Request for Investigation Link
For Department File
Personnel Posting Requisition Link
Personnel Hiring Requisition Link
Policy Administration Routing Sheet Link
Stipend Request Form Link
Visiting/Guest Lecturer Requisition Link
Performance Improvement Plan Link
Employee Warning Notice Link
Interview Candidate Travel Reimbursement Guidelines Link
Faculty Work Assignment Link
Payroll Schedule Calendar
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