The Diversity Advocacy Team, a unit of the Diversity Council, is committed to fostering a more inclusive environment and community at Burrell College, and will be an advocate for awareness, education, and appreciation of diversity through making recommendations to senior leadership, when appropriate (e.g. collaborating on trainings, programming, etc.).

The purpose of the Diversity Advocacy (DAT) Team, a collective group of appointed Diversity Council members, is to support and maintain a sense of belonging for all members of the Burrell College community, especially underrepresented and diverse students. As advocates, DAT members serve as a support team that is in place to listen and learn from a student, staff, and faculty member’s experience(s) or challenge(s) and provide guidance on navigating and engaging with areas of concern that may currently seem inaccessible or unapproachable. The Diversity Advocacy Team can also assist with connecting students, faculty, and staff with local and regional cultural and community resources, organizations, and outlets.

  • If you are in need of support for matters related to wellness or mental health, please access the BCOM Cares Team for further assistance.

    Disclaimer: Please see the College’s Grievance Policy.  If you would like to file a complaint/grievance, please do so here:
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