BCOM Student Have the Opportunity to Charter and join established student organizations. Many of these clubs are osteopathic in nature and focus on specific medical specialties, while other clubs focus on broader topics. These clubs are very active, and offer speakers, service projects, and outreach, while helping students to lean important lessons in a non-academic setting. See BCOM’s list of student organizations below:

BCOM’s ACOEP seeks to augment the emergency medicine shadowing, rotation, and residency opportunities for all BCOM students, as well as educate students about the practice and business of emergency medicine.


President: Benjamin Rossner benjamin.rossner@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Hayes ohayes@bcomnm.org

ACOP is an organization for students interested in pediatrics as a potential future specialty. BCOM ACOP is focused primarily on working with children in the community to promote health sciences.


President: Roxanne Waggoner roxanne.waggoner@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Cyrus scyrus@bcomnm.org

The American Medical Women’s Association’s mission is to advance women in medicine and improve women’s health by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, and mentorship. AMWA’s vision is to empower women to lead in improving health for all within a model that reflects the unique perspective of women.


President: Joya Singh joya.singh@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Jons-Cox ljons@bcomnm.org

This organization is for students with radiology interest. It will help you learn more about this incredible field and its sub-specialties.

President: Oussama Abbad Oussama.abbad@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Cindy Funk cfunk@bcomnm.org

Anesthesia Interest Group’s purpose is to develop an understanding of the practice of anesthesiology and explore the field as an area of interest.

President: Cory Albrechtsen cory.albrechtsen@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Mychaskiw, Founding Dean and Chief Academic Officer, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine gmychaskiw@bcomnm.org

President: Sam Richardson samuel.richardson@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Darrow rdarrow@bcomnm.org

Contact: Bryan Margaria bryan.margaria@mybcom.org

Advisor: Brett Newcomer bnewcomer@bcomnm.org

The purpose of BCOM Sports Medicine is to provide the education and the application of sports medicine to the osteopathic medical student and other allied health students. To contribute to the development of the field of sports medicine at BCOM through activities involving the faculty and student associates. To promote health, fitness, education and safety in the community.


Contact: Delayna Garcia delayna.garcia@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. LaBoy flaboy@bcomnm.org

President: Steve Berruecos steve.berruecos@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Ontiveros sontiveros@bcomnm.org

Dermatology Interest Group’s purpose is to promote interest in the field of Dermatology to the medical student population.

President: Guy Charest guy.charest@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Bramblett dbramblett@bcomnm.org

President: Brenda Pelayo brenda.pelayo@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Stefan Schaefer sschaefer@bcomnm.org

The Foundations in Biomedical Sciences Student Government Association (FBMS SGA) is the official voice for Foundations in Biomedical Sciences Students at BCOM. FBMS SGA works closely with BCOM SGA to promote osteopathic medicine, support club and classroom activities, and works to improve the quality of life for Foundations in Biomedical Sciences BCOM students.

President: Victory-Lynn Ramos Victoria-lynn.ramos@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Minugh-Purvis nminugh@bcomnm.org

The Geriatrics Society’s purpose is to promote improved independence, quality of care and life for Older Adults by fostering a cognizant generation of geriatricians.

President: Tammy Nguyen tammy-tam.nguyen@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Kania akania@bcomnm.org

The purpose of the Health & Wellness Club is to monitor and improve the physical and mental wellness of the student body at the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine.


President: Ryan Reinken ryan.reinken@mybcom.org

Advisor: TBA

The Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine Integrative Medicine Student Organization (IMSO) is an organization that explores integrative medicine approaches that may be used in conjunction with traditional medicine. Members of IMSO will learn from health care personnel who practice integrative medicine how to treat and prevent disease in their future patients. Integrative medicine acknowledges the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle when determining a plan of care that best fits the needs of each individual patient.


President: Samuel Richardson Samuel.richardson@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Kurz akurz@bcomnm.org

Contact: Matthew Bell matthew.bell@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Ketchum rketchum@bcomnm.org

LGBTQIA The LGBTQIA Alliance is dedicated to humanist education, LGBTQIA cultural competency, and community outreach.

President: Katie Kleinberg katie.kleinberg@mybcom.org

Advisor: Erin Palazollo epalazzolo@bcomnm.org

The purpose of the Military Medicine Club is to prepare the military students of BCOM for successful medical careers and service in the military.

Contact: Jorey Cunico jorey.cunico@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Hayes ohayes@bcomnm.org

The OBGYN club at BCOM focuses on promoting interest in the practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology within the school and is dedicated to local outreach efforts for women’s health needs in the community.

President: Sara Javadi sara.javadi@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Levatino alevatino@bcomnm.org

President: Michael Arias michael.arias@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Minugh-Purvis nminugh@bcomnm.org

Psych Cinema’s purpose is to discuss mental health issues present in various films.

President: Jennifer Burkett Jennifer.burkett@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Mota-Castillo mmota@bcomnm.org

Sin Limites’ purpose is to provide tutoring and positive relationships for elementary children in Las Cruces.

President: Zachariah Taylor Zachariah.taylor@mybcomm.org

Advisor: Dr. Morehead mmorehead@bcomnm.org

SAOAO has been formed as a bridge between Osteopathic Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery, in order to create a holistic functioning system to provide all the members with the opportunity to change the future of Osteopathic Orthopedic medicine by being well educated and experienced health care practitioners.

President: Gregory Wallis gregory.wallis@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Martin smartin@bcomnm.org

Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) SAAO purpose is to acquire a better understanding of osteopathic principles, theories and practice. SAAO will also improve public awareness of osteopathic medicine in New Mexico and the Southwest so that the community may better take advantage of the benefits provided by the complete health care concept of osteopathic medicine


President: Matthew Wu matthew.wu@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Kania akania@bcomnm.org

The BCOM Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice for osteopathic medical students at BCOM. BCOM SGA is responsible for dispersing funds for student activities, acting as a liaison for the DO medical student body, promoting osteopathic medicine, supporting club and classroom activities, and working to improve the quality of life for all BCOM medical students.

President: Brian Liu brian.liu@mybcom.org

Advisor: Brett Newcomer, Director of Student Affairs bnewcomer@bcomnm.org

The Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association’s (SOIMA) goals are to promote interest among osteopathic medical students in the practice of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties. We aim to educate and inform on the path towards becoming a Doctor of Internal Medicine and or subspecialties while allowing members to practice and learn applicable skills for future practice.

President: Fernando Magana fernando.magana@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Assi massi@bcomnm.org

SOMA strives to provide its members with an independent, cohesive voice and the power to effect

relevant change. BCOM SOMA is particularly concerned with supporting its student’s development as osteopathic physicians, and implementing policy that will improve healthcare in New Mexico.


President: Megan McCord megan.mcord@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Howell showell@bcomnm.org

BCOM SOSA’s purpose is to represent and educate the future osteopathic surgeon. SOSA stresses understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery and  provides a forum for discussion among students and surgeons.

Contact: Carli Ogle carli.ogle@mybcom.org

Advisor: Dr. Lente alente@bcomnm.org

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