To foster areas of research ideas/concepts and enhance BCOM based opportunities for external research funding, particularly from Federal Agencies.

Program Scope
Research project applications submitted to this seed/feasibility grant program must belong to areas of research interest at BCOM and should be suitable for external funding. The total amount of funds available for this program FY 2017 / 2018 period is $40,000.00. The final number of grants ultimately funded will depend on the number of applications, the total funding requested, and the quality of applications received. The highest award for any single internally funded research project will be $10,000.00.

Funding Priorities
As noted this is a seed/feasibility grant program. Thus, those proposals judged to be most likely to result in extramural funding will be given highest priority. Within that framework, the following additional priorities will be considered.

  • Participation of new faculty hires, particularly junior faculty.
  • Proposals aligned with the BCOM Research Strategic Plan in areas of Health Basic Biomedical Science, Clinical Science, Medical Education, and Population Health.

Eligibility and Limitations
Any BCOM faculty member eligible to apply for support (full-time, campus-based faculty) may submit a proposal. Adjunct faculty may apply, but must collaborate with an eligible faculty member who will serve as Principal Investigator on the application. Proposals are restricted to providing research support at BCOM. A PI shall be named, with any additional investigator(s) listed as Co-Principal Investigator(s) or Co-Investigator(s). In any given grant cycle (academic year), only one proposal may be submitted naming a particular faculty as the Principal Investigator. However, a Pl or Co-Pl may serve as Co-Pl on more than one proposal.

Key Dates

Proposal submission deadline: April 1
Letter of Intent: March 1
Award notification: June 1
Award period: July 1 – June 30