Supporting BCOM’s Students

BCOM strives to assure that all qualified applicants will be afforded the financial aid necessary to complete the program of study.  An important component of this is charitable grant and scholarship funding.

Thanks to BCOM’s seed funding and support, the original New Mexico Osteopathic Foundation, which had been dormant, has been renamed and organized as the SW Foundation for Osteopathic Education and Research (SWFOER). The mission of the Foundation is to provide financial support to those students who attend BCOM and for medical and academic related research.

A Compelling Reason to Support BCOM’s Students

  • BCOM, upon its opening, will be the first investor/public sector partnership of its kind in the history of medical schools within the United States.  Harnessing the investment capital and financing expertise of the private sector, thus saving tax payers from the burden of funding, while at the same time blending, affiliating and paying for services from an existing public university – New Mexico State University;
  • In addition, BCOM will contribute $500,000 per year, for the life of its land lease, over $30 million, to NMSU’s foundation to build an undergraduate scholarship endowment  (“pipeline”) for students pursuing health science careers;
  • BCOM has and will continue to spend considerable resources to develop new graduate medical education residencies in the Southwestern United States with an emphasis on new programs in New Mexico, West Texas as well as international programs in Chihuahua, Mexico;
  • BCOM will do all of this in addition to fulfilling its overall mission of educating, diversifying and placing new physicians in the Southwest.  And doing so at a tuition cost below many of its not for profit peers (see below) and evaluated and accredited by the same commission as all osteopathic medical schools.


BCOM’s students are deserving of support throughout the State of New Mexico and the Southwest, especially should they commit to remain and serve our communities post residency training. Such support can be in the form of partial or full tuition. Or it can be in the form of housing and living expense support.

To learn more about the SWFOER or how you can support a BCOM student, please contact Justin McHorse at 575-674-2206 |

The following chart is a powerful illustration as to the tremendous benefits an osteopathic medical school will bring to New Mexico and the Southwest:Giving Chart PCP

The goal is to work together as a state and a region to increase our physician workforce, diversify our physician workforce and care for the communities we call home.


Checks can be made out to: SW Foundation Osteopathic Education and Research (SWFOER)

Please send check to:
Southwest Foundation for Osteopathic Research c/o
Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
3501 Arrowhead Drive
Las Cruces, NM 88001