Welcome to the Department of Physiology & Pathology

David Rodenbaugh, PhD
Chair of Physiology and Pathology & Associate Professor of Physiology and Pathology
Phone: 575-674-2315
Email: drodenbaugh@bcomnm.org

Joseph Benoit, PhD
Professor of Physiology
Phone: 575-674-2321
Email: jbenoit@bcomnm.org

Pedro Del Corral, PhD MD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Phone: 575-674-2324
Email: pdelcorral@bcomnm.org

David Osborne, PhD
Professor of Physiology
Phone: 575-674-2310
Email: dosborne@bcomnm.org


Richard Selinfreund, PhD
Associate Professor of Pathology
Phone: 575-674-2319
Email: rselinfreund@bcomnm.org


Michael Woods, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Phone: 575-674-2326
Email: mwoods@bcomnm.org