Welcome to the Department of Clinical Specialties

Andela Lente, MD
Chair of Surgical Specialties & Associate Professor of Surgery
Phone: 575-674-2317
Email: alente@bcomnm.org

Nycole Amezola
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 575-674-2364
Email: namezola@bcomnm.org

Paul Chubb, DO
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Specialties
Email: pchubb@bcomnm.org

Richard Darrow, DO
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Phone: 575-674-2345
Email: rdarrow@bcomnm.org

Jody Gonzales
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 575-674-2325
Email: jgonzales@bcomnm.org

Oliver Hayes, DO
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Phone: 575-674-2303
Email: ohayes@bcomnm.org

LeAnn Jons-Cox, DO
Associate Professor of OMM
Phone: 575-674-2354
Email: ljons@bcomnm.org

Kamran Kamali, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Phone: 575-674-2333
Email: kkamali@bcomnm.org

Adrienne Kania, DO
Associate Professor of OMM
Phone: 575-674-2355
Email: akania@bcomnm.org

Scot Martin, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
Phone: 575-674-2332
Email: smartin@bcomnm.org

Don N. Peska, DO
Professor of Surgery
Phone: 575-674-2304
Email: dpeska@bcomnm.org

Deborah Whitson, DO
Assistant Professor of OMM
Email: dwhitson@bcomnm.org