BCOM Estimated Cost of Attendance (COA)

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

Academic year 2018-2019 (subject to yearly change):

The following cost of attendance figures are used to estimate a student’s financial aid eligibility for the academic year (two semesters). Costs may vary based on individual circumstances.

Tuition: $50,455
Student Activity Fees: $1,494
Student Government Fees: $60
Instructional Technology Fees: $2,500
Housing 1: $10,000
 Meals:  $4,500
 Miscellaneous / Personal Expenses 2:  $3,556
 Transportation 3:  $4,000
 Additional Supplies/Equipment/Books:  $1,500
 Health Insurance 4:  $2,100
 Estimated Total:  $80,165
  1. Housing expenses reflect the average costs of living on or off campus. Because federal regulations do not allow housing costs to be tailored to individual students, a student’s personal housing arrangement does not affect the cost of attendance used by the Financial Aid Office
  2. Miscellaneous and personal expenses is an allowance for items such as utilities, clothing, personal care products, vision/dental insurance, laundry, and other incidentals.
  3. Transportation is an allowance for operating and maintaining a vehicle which is used to transport the student to and from school.
  4. $2,100 ($233 per month for the nine-month enrollment period). Based on non-smoker, New Mexico resident per the NCSL Health Insurance Marketplace. For plans in New Mexico see https://www.bewellnm.com/.

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